Tennessee Inmate Search

There are a couple of ways to carry out an inmate search for felons located within the jurisdiction. This can go down in a couple of ways, either online or offline. However, let’s first take a look at the Tennessee prison system and how inmate information is consolidated for the public to access it.

Tennessee Inmate Records

This represents all the official information collected by correctional facilities on individuals incarcerated in prison, jail, and detention facilities in Tennessee. Some of the information acquired by prison authorities includes inmates’ names, gender, race, booking photo, and birth date.

The Tennessee Correctional System

The Tennessee Department of Corrections supervises the management of both state and private prisons in the state. The TDOC directly runs and manages around 10 state prisons while Core Civic runs the remaining ones.

The TDOC works by grouping facilities based on the geographic location where, in the east, there are three facilities, in the middle and west regions each have three facilities. The privately run facilities make up a separate group of prisons federal bureau of prisons.

Apart from state-run prisons, Tennessee also has a town, county, and city jail. The sheriff’s office runs the county jails while city and town jails holding facilities are run and managed by police departments.

Finding Inmates in Tennessee

The Tennessee department of corrections has an inmate locator, an online database where you can search for inmates and their records. The inmate search tool acknowledges using the inmate’s name, their TOMIS, which is a number unique to Tennessee inmates, or their state ID.

The TDOC also facilitates an offender search app for Android and Apple, where you can monitor their status, search for inmate records, and other locations.

County-City and municipal counties and regional jails have their own online databases where you can get information about an inmate. How you go about this is by visiting the city or county where the inmate is being held and check on the area left for local law enforcement. Here is where you will find out if the facility has an inmate locator.

There are federal facilities also present within Tennessee State. All federal states come with a federal inmate search website to get information on inmates incarcerated at the facility since 1982.

You also have the option of using a phone call to where you suspect the inmate is being held. It may also take longer to locate the inmate, but security personnel will be happy to help. All you will have to do is answer a few questions and you will be good to go.

You may also take a trip to the facility and inquire directly from their front office.

Opportunities Offered at Tennessee Facilities

The state currently has around 23,500 inmates distributed in its correctional facilities. The population is larger than a third of some Tennessee counties. The inmate population within Tennessee has increased significantly and disproportionately against black and brown people.

A couple of Tennessee colleges collaborate with state or prison facilities to offer post-secondary education. In 2018, the program saw 183 students enrolled in college courses within the Tennessee correctional facilities.

Contacting an Inmate in Tennessee

There are a couple of ways to get in contact with inmate incarcerated at a facility in Tennessee. One of the sure ways is through a phone call. All facilities will allow an inmate a phone call at some point to inform their families and friends as to where they are.

You can also mail an inmate, as most facilities will allow inmates to correspond with their loved ones. However, certain holding facilities will not allow correspondence, as inmates don’t get to stay long at these facilities.

The other way is going for a visit to wherever the inmate is located.

Visiting an Inmate in Tennessee

Each facility in the state of Tennessee has its own rules and regulations when it comes to visitation. However, it is a general thing to have maximum security allowed. There are certain rules, which will cut across all facilities, including dress code rules.

Dress code rules direct individuals as to the kind of attire they should wear if they plan to visit the facility. The rules will vary from place to place; however, there is an agreement as to decent clothing that will not reveal too much.

There are also rules as to identification before being admitted to a facility within Tennessee. These rules apply to identification, where underage children will need to be accompanied by their guardians while grown-ups will need proper ID recognized by the state.

In addition, previous convicts are not allowed for visits to major facilities.

Other facilities will require individuals willing to visit, to be on their list of pre-approved visitors before they make the trip. This requires a phone call to be made to the facility in question.