Get To Know About Pinellas County Jail And Records

No records of criminal history for people are issued by the office of the Pinellas County Sheriff. Call the Florida Law Enforcement Department (FDLE) at (850) 410-8109 to access these papers. Pinellas County crime and conviction data is also collected from the Florida Law Enforcement Agency. The reports showed that in 2017, the last year with a full list, 36,566 arrests and 33,522 offences registered in the county. These numbers are down 4.5% and 8.2% respectively in detention and violence, relative to the previous year.

 Records of violence

A Sexual Assault and Perpetrator Monitoring (SPOT) programme is managed by the Pinellas County Sherif ‘s Office at the Pinellas County jail. Florida’s Laws covering sexual abusers and juveniles and occupational criminals are regulated and enforced by this charitable agency. They also increase general understanding of the Florida Law Enforcement Department’s sexual offender register. The State Sexual Assaults and Abusers database is available on the FDLE website. The search application helps people to locate sex predators on behalf of themselves. Pinellas County people can also use the search tool to identify in their communities, adult predators and predatory residents.

Records of Case

Judicial documents on the website of the Clerk of the Circuit Court and the Comptroller are available for Pinellas County. This covers legal, administrative, family, prosecution, fraud and tribunal records and the court calendar. You don’t have to pay to access any court records with the search feature on the website to locate the current court papers listed in the public database. Judgements are only open to lawyers and licenced persons for family and probate hearings. In order to obtain copies of court documents electronically, the Pinellas County jail  of Circuit Court and Comptroller provides. Please visit the online d order page for copies. For copies of court documents the clerk of the Circuit Court charges $1 per page. For authorised copies there is an extra cost of $2 per copy. Copies requested are shipped through the United States. Postal or email service. A credit card is charged for copying fees.