The Latest News Updates On Polk County Jail

According to the Sheriff’s Office, this alleged assault occurred on 15 October after Burch and Heath asked to be transferred to the victim’s cell. In disciplinary detention only prisoners with signs for challenging, risky or suicidal are held with abominable charges. The perpetrator, whose identity is not released, is held in custody for first-level assassination, first-level assassination attempt and evidence-blown rape, dead body assault and sex battery by a 12-year-old or older male. Heath and Burch were in solitary detention but later ordered to be shifted to the victim’s gaol, at Polk County Jail when asked whether he had any dispute with the two of them, he replied that he had no conflict with Burch or Heath. But he didn’t know too well, according to sources, his brother “had taken them on hopping,” and they were looking for revenge because he was in trouble. At around 11 p.m. Burch and Heath told the survivor of his brother after lighting out, that they would get him instead, sources claimed, so they would not get to their partner. The arrest report states, that was when the suspected brutality started and lasted until 3 a.m.

Burch and Heath are being accused of beating the prisoner, shooting him numerous times, until he is losing composure, shaking him with metal and plastic spoon handle, sharpening him, and battering him physically. The metal part was supposed to come out of a stack of metal inside the prison.

Scott Wilder, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, has said gaol officers perform regular drug searches, but he has said details slip occasionally.

The department doesn’t carry out an internal investigation into the incident and during the police investigation nothing suspicious about the custody deputies was identified. The Polk County Jail witness told me that he was afraid to cry because the perpetrators wanted to kill him.